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Calling Disciples.

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Calling Disciples
- the drama

The work focuses on how Jesus called his disciples. It moves on to see how  they are anointed by the Holy Spirit and called to go out into the world to make disciples. It ends with the challenge for us as to how we should be disciples for Jesus in a broken and hurting world. The drama is set in Galilee using the Bible stories and is anchored around the family of Zebedee and his wife.


The proposed structure has parts for three men and five women who sing solos. There are narrators - up to three. Songs are written for a children’s choir and an adult choir (4 part harmony).


Adaptation to resources available is always possible.

‘Calling Disciples’ - the musical
Songs and
Bible verses

1  Fishing in Galilee (verse 1 & 2)

2 Clearing the way

3  Believe

4 John Baptises Jesus

5 Andrew's song

6 Fishing in Galilee (verse 3 & 4)

7 Fishermen short chorus

8 Lament Zebedee's wife

9 Nathaniel under the fig tree

10 The Lord reigns

11 Calling of Levi

12 Choosing the twelve

13 The joy of serving

14 Training on the job

15 Lament to understanding

16 Camino - Walk along

17 Flames of fire

18  Ask, Seek, Knock


Song of the Trees Heather Houghton album artwork Chloe Houghton

My prayer is that this musical will draw you closer to Christ and strengthen your call to follow Him, so that you go out to tell others and show His wonderful love for all, whatever their background and whatever their past misdeeds. May you use and adapt the musical for church, youth and children groups.


“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.” 2 Corinthians 5:20


• Released Apr 2019

About the musical
Song of the Trees Heather Houghton album artwork Chloe Houghton

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