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Riches of God's grace.

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Tony and Heather Houghton Christian songwriters
Calling Disciples
- a musical

God has given Heather the idea and desire to write a musical. The work will focus on how Jesus calls his disciples. It moves on to see how they are anointed by the Holy Spirit and called to go out into the world to make disciples. It will end with the challenge for us as to how we should be disciples for Jesus in a broken and hurting world. This creative project will apply the gifting and qualifications of musicianship, song-writing and drama.


The project has already started. The first draft of the 12 song lyrics and their associated Bible scriptures has been prepared. Two songs are written. We pray that this will be a collaborative work: so if you are interested in participating please get in contact.

‘The riches of God’s grace’ CD2
Song of the Trees by Heather Houghton 'Goa' artwork Chloe Houghton

1.   God’s power

2.   One life

3.   The riches of God’s grace

4.   Sing a new song

6.   Fishing in Galilee

7.   Walk El Camino

8.   No prison

9.   The children’s song  

10. Eternity in their heart

11.  Tell out my soul  

11.  Treasures  in Heaven

13.  Fasting God speaks

14.   What can I give?

15.  The song of the trees

16.  Rebuild your walls

Tracks and
Bible verses
Song of the Trees Heather Houghton album artwork Chloe Houghton
16 new songs

The year through to the release date was a blessed time of God’s anointing with creativity. Many  of the songs concern our faith walk; drawing closer to the Lord Jesus. It has been good to work with a wider network of musician friends: Andy Laurence, Joy Hindson, Cathryn Fernandex, Andy Orchard, Adi Patrascu and Eliza Dimu.


There are 16 tracks and scores are available. We would love you to take the music to use in worship in your church.

• Released Nov  2015

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Song of the Trees Heather Houghton album artwork Chloe Houghton

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